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Bank of Auburn Hills: Celebrating a Decade of Local Commitment and Growth

Welcome to our tribute to the Bank of Auburn Hills, an institution that stood as a symbol of community spirit and growth for nearly a decade in Auburn Hills, Michigan. From 2005 to 2014, the bank, located at 1988 N. Opdyke Road, championed the development of local businesses and residents, embodying the essence of community banking.

In its nine-year tenure, the Bank of Auburn Hills was not just a bank but a cornerstone of community growth and prosperity. It provided residents with stability, offering financial solutions tailored to their needs. From helping small businesses bloom to aiding families in securing their homes, the bank played an integral role in shaping Auburn Hills’ financial landscape.

The Bank of Auburn Hills continually sought to innovate while maintaining a personal touch, making it a trusted partner for its customers. Its achievements catalyzed economic growth and made it a key player in the local community.

In 2014, the Bank of Auburn Hills began a new chapter, changing its name to Talmer West Bank. While the name has changed, the legacy and spirit of the Bank of Auburn Hills live on, cherished by those who experienced its service.

To commemorate this legacy, we have created this digital archive. This initiative aligns with the vision of adPharos, a community bank website design leader. Just like the Bank of Auburn Hills, adPharos is dedicated to serving local communities and preserving their histories in the digital space. To learn more about their work and commitment to keeping the memory of community banks like the Bank of Auburn Hills alive, please visit adPharos’ website.

While the Bank of Auburn Hills has evolved into Talmer West Bank, its spirit and dedication to the Auburn Hills community are immortalized in this tribute. We hope this digital archive serves as a reminder of the bank’s integral role in our community and its unwavering commitment to its customers.

Note: This page serves as an archive and is not affiliated with or authorized by the Bank of Auburn Hills or any other banking institution.

Bank of Auburn Hills
1988 N. Opdyke Road
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326