The Most Important Things when Choosing a Moving Company for Bank Moves

Due to some reasons, a bank may want to move its staff, money, or other possessions to some other location, and a time it becomes a daunting task to choose a company which can move these belongings well. It is somehow a complicated thing, but in the really sense it doesn’t have to be that stressful. Moving bank assets can prove to be an exciting experience, but depending on the circumstances, whether the belongings are being moved across the country, down the street, across town or around a corner, moving possess a great challenge.

However, if the bank management chooses the wrong moving company, then the whole relocation process can turn out to be a long and expensive nightmare. Below are the most important things that the bank management should consider when choosing a moving company for their belongings.

1. Ensure Professionalism (Avoid using generic language and blanks)

When the bank management places a call to the moving company, the phone greetings should start by the company’s name before asking how they can be of help to you. Banks should avoid companies that respond by only stating the services they offer. If there is no specific phone number and a physical address on their website, then the bank might encounter problems contacting them again if something goes amiss, and no bank wants its valuables driven off by someone under unknown circumstances.

2. Understand the Liability Coverage Options of the Moving Company

Any guarantee from the moving company should only be accepted after the bank has verified that there is proof of insurance. Any reputable company is supposed to be licensed by the Government, and it’s a must that they carry insurance on every item that they transport. Banks move various belongings including money, staff, among other assets and thus before these things are moved, the bank management should ensure that they are covered so as to protect the bank form heavy losses which may occur as a result of accidents on the way, such as the case here ( (since this may cause damage to the property) or from theft cases on the way.

If the moving company can guarantee safety for the bank possessions, then the bank staff should be able to inquire from the company about a case where something gets lost or broken. If they agree that they will pay to get it repaired or replaced, then the bank can consider such a company.

3. Ensure Every Estimate, and Any Other Agreements are in Writing

Any moving company must give the estimates, and they should be in writing and certified by the Government. And by Government laws, they should be able to provide the bank with a publication that explains the moving process. The publication should outline the bank’s rights and responsibilities. The bank management should, therefore, ensure that every agreement is in writing, read and understand everything carefully and get a copy of everything they sign, more so the bill of lading, which is the receipt of the belongings of the bank and the contract for their transportation.

4. Getting Estimates from Various Moving Companies

It is always necessary to get estimates from various moving companies before finally settling on one. The cost differs amongst companies depending on the kind of possessions being moved. In most cases, the cost of moving items for long distances is higher. Subsequently, the cost of moving the belongings may cost more if the items being moved are many.

Thus, obtaining these estimates may not be that tedious as the bank management might think. It is therefore wise that the bank management gets the estimates in person once the bank movers walk into the bank compound. And in such a case, the bank staff should ensure that they show the movers everything that they will need to be moved. Movers Auburn AL can always get you a competitive estimate.

5. Multiple Name Changes

A moving company which regularly changes its names should be avoided at all costs. The bank should do some thorough search, and if it discovers that the company normally changes its name only after a merger, then it is likely to be a safe company to deal with. For the bank to be on the safe side, it should always ask if there are any references and then try to follow up by contacting them.

To sum up, it is always good to remember that the company that offers the lowest price doesn’t always guarantee that the deal is good, especially when it is in the case of choosing movers for the bank’s assets. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that the moving company answers their phones by stating their company name first; they should also show up in their labeled moving vehicles and give the bank a lot of documentations.